Land Data Services LLC will partner with you and your company to offer any or all of the these services to help your firm run in today's digital world.

Business Management Software

LDS can install business management software to help you better maintain your company. Functions such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory Control can all be automated to streamline your company's production. Utilizing software such as ALERE or creating unique applications from scratch, LDS can computerize your business to make tracking, reporting, billing, check writing and any other common functions easy and manageable.

Network Installation

Connecting your computers together allows you to centralize critical information, eases backing up, allows e-mail between co-workers, enables computers to share printers and other resources, and enhances each computer's ability. LDS can setup your systems with Microsoft networking software so all of your computers can work as one.

Training and Support

After LDS determines your business's needs and installs the proper hardware and software, we can train your staff to properly run and maintain all of your equipment. Of course, we are always available to handle any problems you may encounter or to aid you in adjusting, upgrading and/or modifying your system as your company's demands change.

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