Land Data Services LLC, a Long Island based consulting firm, was founded in 1991 to serve small business by aiding in the construction of performance enhancing computer systems. LDS provides in depth knowledge to help transfer companies into the computer age. We aid our clients to analyze their company's needs and apply today’s technologies to enhance its existing operation. Acting as an outside IT department, LDS can install your system, train your employees and maintain your operation as you grow and your requirements broaden.

LDS devotes time to uncover new technology and to make sure yesterday's leaders are keeping pace with tomorrow's demands. In an industry where giants have stumbled and fallen behind, while fledgling businesses suddenly flourish over night, LDS keeps a close eye on the constantly changing industry leaders and standards. When we recommend any hardware or software, our client can be sure that they are receiving the best technology available within their budget guidelines. LDS is able to meld state of the art micro-computers, local area networks (LANs), off-the-shelf software and custom written applications to form a cohesive computer system.

We are an authorized resellers of ALERE Business Management Software. Their products are proven business management software packages which will assist in the day to day operation of a company. ALERE software is written in Microsoft Visual Foxpro making it compatible with most common software applications. A Developer's version is available to allows modifications and encouraging third party additions.

Along with local Long Island and national suppliers, LDS can provide competitive pricing on most available hardware and software. Scanners, plotters, digitizers, PCs, backup systems, CAD packages and many more are all accessible to our clientele. We have a strong background in assisting engineering, surveying and other high tech fields in obtaining the technology needed to keep pace. Of course, LDS would be pleased to install and configure any new equipment to an existing system.

LDS has chosen Microsoft Visual FoxPro as our developmental database tool. Our expert programmers are proficient in database use and can modify existing code from any other compatible database to make requested updates. With Visual Foxpro, software can be developed using  object oriented programming standards.

The network of choice for LDS is Microsoft Network. Microsoft, backed by Windows Server, imparts a secure, high performance, stable operating system which is the standard for micro-computer networks. Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 supplies peer to peer network ability that is inexpensive and simple to use. This allows file sharing, shared system resources and password security if needed. Our LDS experts can install, configure and train employees to use this network in a minimal amount of time to get a company up and running as quickly as possible.

Along with the previously mentioned qualifications, LDS has skillful CAD operators who have abundant experience with AutoCAD and Microstation systems. We have knowledge of applying these Computer Aided Design packages as tools for mapping, surveying & GIS. System modification and repair is also available through LDS by our PC experts.


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